Shawn Weiss

Dr. Shawn A. Weiss B.S. Educ., PT, DPT, CDP, CADDCT, FPS

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Functional Wellness Coach
Certified Fall Prevention Specialist
Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer

Dr. Shawn Weiss is a licensed Physical Therapist, Functional Wellness Coach, and Healthcare Executive. She is Founder/Owner of Select Home Care, a licensed Medicare Skilled Home Health Agency established 20 years ago in 2004 in Columbus, Ohio. Her agency provides Nursing, Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy services to older adults.

Dr. Weiss is also the President of Senior Health and Wellness Group, where she does keynote speaking, consulting, and education/training services for caregivers, family members, and other medical professionals in the areas of Health and Wellness.

Most recently she started Balance Functional Wellness, an Online Health Coaching platform helping individuals maximize their Optimal Health by addressing six vital Health pillars; Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, Emotional Health, and Gut Health.

Shawn’s proactive holistic approach to healthcare focuses on wellness and prevention strategies, with an emphasis on improving both Physical and Emotional health for her clients

Dr. Weiss obtained a B.S. in Education with a minor in English from Otterbein College in 1992. Deciding to pursue her passion, she earned a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Andrews University in 1998. She also completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana in 2010. Shawn is a Certified Falls Prevention Specialist, Certified Dementia Practitioner , and Certified Alzheimer’s and Dementia Disease Care Trainer.

She is published in the area of Falls Prevention in Assisting Living Communities with an emphasis on Cognitive Impairment. Most recently she completed her Functional Medicine Coursework as well as a Food as Medicine certificate. By incorporating Root Cause health into her assessment and treatment protocols, Dr. Weiss creates individual programs for her clients that maximize their quality of life and overall Joy!

Coaching programs

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Home for the Holidays

Maybe Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa live in an assisted living facility. Maybe they don’t get around as well as they used to. Maybe they have had a recent decline in health. Do they have any form of Dementia? Perhaps you want to bring them to your home for a holiday visit. How can you ensure their safety and well-being and still enjoy precious time together? The key is to plan ahead! From pick up to drop off, here is a list of helpful hints that hopefully will create peace of mind and allow for a memorable visit!


Dr. Shawn Weiss

Dementia: Self-Care to Mitigate Caregiver Burnout

Give yourself some grace and work on self-care to lessen burnout during the overwhelming experience of family caregiving. Dr. Weiss joins Suzanne to talk about recognizing the symptoms of burnout. Burnout will lead you to have a short fuse, the last thing you need while caregiving. Take time and step back, find ways to de-stress, and have someone you can vent to.
Dr. Shawn Weiss

Dementia: 8 Tips to Become a Better Listener

Dr. Shawn Weiss joins Suzanne this hour to talk about the listening and non-verbal side of communicating better. Her advice: actually listen, don't pretend to listen. Get over repetition. Don't interrupt. Ask the right questions. Take inventory of your own weaknesses. Practice listening. Resist the impulse to correct errors. And don't let yourself get offended.

Dementia: How to Tweak Surroundings and Your Tone of Voice to Improve Communication

Environment plays a major role in daily success of those who are cognitively impaired, especially as symptoms progress. Dr. Shawn Weiss joins Suzanne this hour to talk about ways of adjusting the home environment to improve their quality of life.

Dementia: Communicating Better With Our Loved Ones

If you're caring for a loved one who is cognitively impaired, this hour is for you. Dr. Shawn Weiss joins Suzanne this hour. This segment provides an overview of mental impairments, including dementia. 12-18% of those over 60 years old have at least some mild cognitive disorder, and that is expected to grow by 20% by the year 2040. 80% of seniors in senior living communities have some kind of impairment. Most people want to age in place, particularly after Covid, and people are feeling ill-equipped when it comes to caregiving. People are looking for ways to help mom or dad, to improve their quality of life.
Dr. Shawn Weiss

Balancing the Gut-Brain Connection for Optimal Health

Dr. Shawn Weiss joins Suzanne to talk about the gut-brain connection and how to balance your functional wellness to achieve optimal health.