Vitality Revolution: The Eight Foundational Principles of Wellness

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The 8 Foundational Principles of Senior Wellness

No matter if you are a senior or family caregiver, we believe the best life, is quality of life. Each day, we have the opportunity to make positive choices to create a lifestyle that leads to a state of holistic health.

Let’s face it. Humans are complicated beings. We have all lived separate experiences, and we make choices through the world we live in that affect the outcome of our various lifestyles.

According to many studies, the aspects of our existence can be divided into separate areas of our lives, enabling us to ensure that each receives the necessary attention, and maintain an overall happy and healthy existence.

It’s our hope that you will be inspired by this series, as we explore foundational principles to be inspired to live healthier, fuller, and peaceful lives.

The Eight Foundational Principles of Wellnes

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Each month from June – September we will be providing podcast and written content with action steps and support on achieving a greater quality of wellness as follows:

June 2023

1. Physical Wellness

Taking care of the body we’re born with is a vital element to ensure longevity and quality of life. A healthy diet, proper hydration, and regular exercise can be reduced to a simple matter of comfortable routine and shouldn’t be presented as a daunting challenge. The joys of cooking healthy, delicious foods and enjoying a routine of physical movement— whatever the level— add color and flavor to life and will provide extra energy and desire to get out of bed and face each day.

2. Emotional Wellness

This generally refers to the comfort we feel in how we perceive our place in the world and in society. This is all about our self-esteem and self-worth. Emotionally sound elders feel fulfilled in their daily lives and derive pleasure from simply being alive. Elders can learn to freely experience joy without feeling guilty for doing so. It’s also about about “self-talk.” What do you say to yourself when you are alone with your thoughts? How do you “affirm” your life? There are many daily habits and other ways we can all follow to achieve emotional wellness.

July 2023

3. Occupational Wellness: Having Purpose in Life

Staying busy and involved with a job or hobby is key to remaining focused and productive. It’s rewarding to see one’s efforts come to fruition over time and this deeper purpose offers yet even more reasons to get up and face a new day. It also enables one to go to bed each night feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Highlighting things like volunteering, crafting, contributing. “The need to be needed.”

4. Social Wellness

Friends and loved ones add what may be the most important ingredients to a happy and fulfilling life. Maintaining relationships with family and friends by enjoying regular social interactions satiate the heart. It is also noteworthy that social interaction is vital as it relates to Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and how studies show it can slow down the progression significantly.

August 2023

5. Spiritual Wellness

Finding a balance within oneself is vital to achieving peace of mind and serenity. Identifying and staying true to one’s values bring calmness that comes from the knowledge that we’re on the proper path to fulfillment. Not to be confused with religion, spiritual health is more about living life with a clear conscience. And guess what? You’ll sleep better, too.

6. Intellectual Wellness

Keeping one’s mind engaged, stimulated and challenged is key to maintaining memory and cognitive presence as we age. This may be as simple as reading and doing puzzles to stay sharp, but also more colorful pursuits such as art, music and even theater. It’s never too late to start and nobody has ever regretted diving into the joys of living, whatever their age!

September 2023

7. Environmental Wellness

Our physical relationship with the world around us becomes more important in our later years as we’re a bit more fragile and susceptible to injury or disease. Maintaining a healthy home life in a clean, safe setting and staying aware of our surroundings will prevent falls, unnecessary physical stress or other harm to our aging bodies. We’ll also discuss Aging in Place information for seniors who live independently. Also important to discuss remembering to incorporate beauty and aesthetics into our homes making our living space appealing so it induces serenity and joy.

8. Financial Wellness

As we’ve all learned by now, money can’t buy happiness, but financial wellness is key to stress-free living. Knowing that we won’t be going hungry and that we’ll have a bed and a roof over our heads are vital ingredients to a comfortable existence. Even with a modest, fixed income, there are creative ways to find hidden deals and opportunities to afford some of life’s pleasures without spending precious savings. There are people and organizations out there willing to help enrich the lives of senior citizens, and we’ll share how to find them.

Are you ready to live being the greatest version of yourself?  If so, we welcome you to living a new paradigm in wellness!  Welcome to the Vitality Revolution!