Skyline resident Kendall Clark Baker joins Suzanne to provide a glimpse of residing in Skyline’s life care senior living community. Baker was a charter member, who moved in when the facility was brand new 15 years ago.

Why choose a life care community? Kendall says, “We, [my wife] Sonia and I, are both kind of planners. We plan ahead, and we learned from our parents, both positive and negative experiences in late years. I especially learned from observing other people over the years. I’m a pastor, a long-retired pastor, but I worked with a lot of people. Oftentimes people would say, ‘our only regret after having moved into ra etirement community is that we didn’t make this move sooner.’ From there, we said, well, we really like being downtown, because we think it’s a great place to be when you’re aging. You’re so close to healthcare everywhere, the culture, performing arts, and public transportation. We feel a great deal of independence by being able to be downtown.”

What intrigued them about Skyline? “It checked our boxes that it was downtown, it had every level of care. That was an important part, because our intention was to move to a community where we would never have to move again. And that every level of care, that one or the other or both of us should require, for the rest of our lives would be cared for in this community. Then the life care contract was also very attractive, because what that really meant for us is that once we knew we could afford to move in, then we were confident that we would never be faced with a situation where we couldn’t afford to stay here. And that’s what the life care contract is, is that basically continues at very close to the same cost to us, even as we have assisted living.”

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