MorningStar Senior Living

The Stars Are Out

The stars above are a perfect symbol for MorningStar Senior Living and the higher purpose for which we exist. Just as the stars in the sky are beautiful and God-inspired and light-bearing, we too as a company aspire to be beautiful and God-inspired and light-bearing.

In service to seniors, we have shaped our identity around these distinguishing marks:

Mission: In everything we do at MorningStar, we are grounded and guided by our mission and namesake. It’s our moral compass and True North. More here:

Culture: The best companies are intentional about building healthy culture. At MorningStar, we call that effort Radiance. The principles of Radiance, taught through team training, celebrate an attitude of selflessness that issues from a deep and sincere place. We find ways to build upon those ideas every day in service to residents and each other. More here:

Philanthropy: Through the MorningStar Foundation, we offer abiding support to philanthropic initiatives in our own backyards and around the world. More here on how we are impacting the world for good:

Lavender Sky: MorningStar’s signature philosophy and programming in dementia care. As taught to every team member, the ambition of Lavender Sky is to Enter, Embrace, Explore in tender regard for the memory-impaired.  Ours is a blended approach that lifts best practices from thought leaders together with our own brand standards for compassionate, personalized support. More here:

Hiring for Heart: Team members are the heartbeat of our brand.  So we start by hiring for heart, seeking those who resonate with our core values, have a felt calling to serve seniors, and are eager to do work that matters within our walls and beyond.

Think about the MorningStar brand this way: By weaving all the threads of a better story, by knowing our purpose is greater than any one of us, we are resolved to elevate the world of business, and leave a legacy of benevolence and changed lives.

MorningStar invites seniors into an active, engaged lifestyle. We offer a life characterized by opportunities to give back…the truest definition of wellness. Call us and let’s do life together.