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Caregivers: Home Care To Lessen Your Burden

Flanna Perkins, CEO of Fedelta Home Care

Flanna says, “A lot of people don’t know really what home care services are, and sometimes they get kind of mixed up with home health. Home care services are non-medical services that we provide to people in their home, and we call them activities of daily living. So that’s like hygiene dressing, taking a shower, moving around your home, maybe bed mobility, repositioning, things like that. And home health is actually services provided by a licensed practical or registered nurse that are medical in nature, like wound care care, they might come in and provide one type of task. And so the type of services we provide are the first ones I described, which are the home care services. So it really can range, and every client has different care needs.

“We provide supervision support for someone who is mobile, they can move around their home, they can still feed themselves, but we’re there to do coaching, queuing, make sure they take their medication, help them with some hygiene, meal preparation, all the way – the full spectrum – to someone who might be quadriplegic, who really is on a caregiver to provide every single activity of daily living for them, helping them prepare and set up everything for meals, feeding them, and all of those supports.

“That’s really the gamut of kind of home care is, and really intended to be an hourly service. So we can come in for one-hour visits all the way up to live-in support, what we call 24/7 care, where we’re providing 24/7 awake care for clients. And so we provide the full range of service, which is really great for families because you could be the informal caregiver and take Saturday and Sunday off. The home care agency can provide two 12-hour shifts on Saturdays and Sundays, and really just give you the weekend back essentially. Or it could be just a morning routine, or evening routine, or even providing supports during the day while the informal caregiver’s at work. So it runs the full kind of spectrum of care needs. And we also do medical escort, grocery shopping, activities like errands and the park. For private pay clients, they need to go to the casino, we’ll take them. Lots of different things that people like to do, we can make sure that they still have integration in the community.”

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