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Kevin Church, Chief Science Officer of Athira Pharma

All About Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials, Part 1

Kevin Church, Chief Science Officer of Athira Pharma, provides an overview of what happens in a trial, how long they last, and the different kinds of clinical trials.
Faith Marshall

Safeguarding Against Senior Scams

Dementia family coach Faith Marshall joins Suzanne to talk about how to protect ourselves from senior scams by being watchdogs.
Zinnia TV therapeutic caregiving tool

Getting Zinnia TV for Seniors With Dementia

Allyson Schrier talks about how to download the Zinnia TV app to a phone, tablet, or smart TV. It opens to reveal a library of channels, each with a menu of videos.
Paul Winner, Senior Director of the Premiere Research Institute at Palm Beach Neurology

Getting Involved in Alzheimer’s Research Studies

Dr. Paul Winner: “The most advanced evaluations and treatments are inside the research. We are recruiting for an Athira research study and many other studies.”
Dr. Paul Winner, Senior Director of the Premiere Research Institute

Memory Loss is Not Normal In Aging

Suzanne is joined by Dr. Paul Winner, Senior Director of the Premiere Research Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Winner emphasizes, “Memory loss is not normal in aging. That is very clear to us now as we study this.”
Music Mends Minds

Music Mends Minds, Part 4

Carol Rosenstein joins Suzanne to talk about Rotary programs and other ways you can get involved with the Music Mends Minds program.
Julie Wilkins: Mindful Living memory program

Dementia: Mindful Living Memory Program

Julie Wilkins, Vice President of Clinical Resources at EmpowerMe Wellness, joins Suzanne to talk about their memory program Mindful Living. Mindful Living is used to identify seniors showing memory problems or decreased ability to function in their residence, determine their functional level, educate on coping strategies, and provide non-pharmacological interventions to enhance quality of life and improve their ability to function.

Dementia: Having the Conversation

Kelley Smith at CarePartners Senior Living joins Suzanne to discuss how to have the conversation about dementia or Alzheimer's with your senior loved one.
Lori La Bey at Alzheimer's Speaks

Dementia Map: Global Resource Directory

Nationally renowned Alzheimer's and dementia expert Lori La Bey joins Suzanne from Minneapolis at Alzheimer’s Speaks. In this segment, Lori introduces the Dementia Map,...
Pandemic Effects on Seniors

Pandemic Effects on Alzheimer’s Disease

Certified Dementia Practitioner Amy Schenk joins Suzanne from Cape Coral, Florida, courtesy of Athira Pharma to talk about the impacts of the pandemic on families and people with Alzheimer’s disease. Amy also educates in both Assisted Living and Long Term Care environments.