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Fall Prevention: Being a Watch Dog with Tracy Marcom

During Fall Prevention month, Regional Business Development Manager Tracy Marcom at Cascade In-Home Care suggests acting as a watchdog for your senior loved one....

CarePartners Living Cottages

Nichole Smith at CarePartners Living says that a lot of science was put into the design of their cottages. Their clients with dementia have a cycle of self-isolation, depression, that exasperates the dementia. The cottages are based on a home environment. Each site has three cottages on it, 20 residents each, which encourages interaction. Residents smell the coffee in the morning, hear their neighbors getting up, going to breakfast just like they did when they had kids, and this encourages their curiosity.

Senior Housing Options, Memory Care Cottages

Jill Martinez, director of community relations for CarePartners Living, explains that Dementia can hit 90% of the population in some form. To care for a loved one on your own is an overwhelming experience. We really try to help them through that process of determining when it’s time to consider memory care or moving their loved one into a retirement community, because there really are some key factors to pay attention to. The cottages are set up for memory care specifically and are built a specific way.

Infographic: Senior-Friendly Restaurants

Check out our list of senior discount restaurants in Western Washington! We want to grow it with your help! Do you know of a restaurant that...

June 23 Free Workshop: At the Crossroads

Mark Your Calendars for this FREE Special Event! Learn from our Expert Panel to Help Guide You and Your Family Join Us for this FREE Workshop...

Handling Difficult Conversations: It’s about Options and Choices

Special excerpt from The Advocate’s Heart, chapter four – by Suzanne Newman: As the needs for change arise, it’s up to you to start...