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Downsizing and Moving: Preparing for Moving Day

Sean Joseph

Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River Moving & Storage, joins Suzanne to talk about how to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. The better you prepare ahead of time, the smoother the move will be.

Sean says, “If you want the move to be fast and smooth, we would like to see boxes and furniture. So the boxes will be all packed and taped on the top, nicely closed, flat, no items sticking up. Because then our guys will come in, take all the boxes immediately to the truck, and be fast, because they’re working fast. Then we will handle the furniture for you. We will disassemble the bed. We will take off the legs of the dining room table, and we’re gonna wrap all your furniture with heavy duty moving blankets. And we’ll take it to the truck. So what’s important here? Clear out spaces. If you leave the room with a bed in the middle like we had last week, all around it was a lot of mess, from clothes. The movers called me and I said, guys, take the bed. It is what it is, but that’s not how it’s supposed to be. If it’s a local move, that will take forever, and it costs you a lot more money. Boxes and furniture. That’s what we would like to see if we not find boxes. We will gladly supply boxes.

“We deliver empty boxes to you with no charge. We can come a few times, because we want you to be prepared, do your own packing. We’ll give you the tape, we’re not charging for the tape. We’ll show you how to tape the box properly. We will give you smart tape so you can mark which room to deliver to at the destination. The better you prepare, the easier smoother and money saving it will be.”

Sean adds, “If you have questions, go on our website, use the chat. We will answer it even if you’re not using us, really. If you want to use a moving company in different state, and you’re not quite sure, I will do the research for you… For us educating the consumer is the most important thing. That’s why on our website, people should take the time and read the blog. We have informative and helpful blogs. So ask neighbors, ask friends, get advice. We’re always ready and willing to help whether you use us or not. We want to protect you.”

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