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Gift Tax Leverage: Building Generational Wealth & Strong Families

David T. Phillips: Estate Planning Made Easy podcast

By law every American can gift $18k annually, to anyone they want, completely gift, estate and income tax free. Many are reluctant to use their gifting allowance for several reasons:

  • Because the gift is irrevocable, they incorrectly believe that the asset is unavailable to them during the balance of their life.
  • They erroneously believe that if they give the gift today, they could run out of money.
  • They mistakenly believe that the gift must be given to the beneficiaries in spendable cash now and therefore will lessen their incentive to work.
  • They don’t understand the power of The Gift Tax Leverage Strategy.

David T. Phillips explains how proper gifting will not only give the giver fulfillment during their life, it can produce generations of powerful, productive people. David will also show you how to leverage your annual gifts to the max.

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