Steve Waltar

Estate planning attorney Steve Waltar with Legacy Estate Planning joins Suzanne to talk about having an estate plan. Families run into gotcha moments where they discover a loved one hasn’t files certain documents, or haven’t made plans, and are left to second guess what they want. In this segment, Steve introduces the concept of estate planning and different types. Most people don’t want it to be a curse, but a blessing, and it’s about protecting yourself during your lifetime. Make sure your wishes are honored they way you want to be honored.

What exactly is estate planning? Steve says, “I like this definition. It’s not perfect, but it’s what I’ve been using for 25 years. It says I want to be in control of my estate as long as I’m able. If I become unable to manage my estate, I want to be the one who designates the person to manage my estate for me, without court intervention, following my death. I want things to be as easy on my loved ones as possible. I want my estate to pass to the people and organizations that I want, when I want, and how I want, a little bit of control. I want a smooth administration of my estate. And finally, I want there to be an absolute minimum of conflict delays, court costs, and taxes. And though I love you, Steve, attorney fees.”

Steve adds, “You actually can affect people after you’re gone. I think it is really about choice. It’s choosing things, protecting yourself during your lifetime. Last I checked, we all die. Maybe you want to protect the kids from lawsuits and divorces. Good planning means you’re protecting your assets. Proper planning probably means keeping out of court while you’re alive. Traditional planning may cover final expenses and, and trying to lower estate taxes. And there’s modern planning, there’s sophisticated planning, there’s estate tax planning, and then legacy plan that involves your life experience. So really, it’s a blend a lot of things.”