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How Life Care Communities Work: The Terraces at Skyline

Joan Rettmann

Suzanne is joined by Joan Rettmann, Regional Director of Sales in the Seattle area for Skyline, a unique life care senior living community. She clears up misconceptions about life care communities and explains how they work.

Joan says, “Skyline has an extra special place in my heart, because this is actually where I got my start in the industry… Many residents that moved in 15 years ago are still here. Many of them have utilized what we call the Terraces at Skyline, and have used the various components to our continuum of care. And it’s been really lovely to see all of that support in place just as it was intended.”

“A lot of people don’t necessarily know what life care specifically is. So a quick mini lesson on that: there are three core types of CCRCs, continuing care retirement communities. The term “life care” is actually different than life plan. Life plan is the umbrella term in which types A B and C fall under. So type A and “life care” are one and the same. How it’s different than A, B, or C, is that under the life care plan, you have priority access to higher levels of care at a fraction of what the market rate cost would normally be for any care level as long as you need it. So it really serves kind of like if you think of the best possible long term care insurance policy you could buy, that would be similar to having that here at Skyline.

“Type B can offer some discounts, but it’s limited in some way, or limited to the care levels. And type C is paying market rate. So type A offers the greatest peace of mind for financial protection in the future. And our residents really love that. There are certain things that you need to explore when you come into the community, and you talk to a sales and marketing team member to make sure that you qualify for it, because there are certain pre-existing conditions that would prohibit that, age requirements and such. That can all be part of the planning process when considering moving, so it’s always good to get a head start and looking at your plans to see if that’s a fit for you.”

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