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Leave a Lasting Legacy: Estate Planning

Steve Waltar, Legacy Estate Planning

Most people want their family to remember them, they want to pass on something. What does it mean to leave a lasting legacy? What’s a mistake, and what are some pointers? Steve Waltar with Legacy Estate Planning joins Suzanne to talk about matters of Inheritance and philanthropy with your estate.

What’s Steve’s definition of legacy? “It’s probably different for everyone. I will say I came to this by having so many people that died without a plan, or it totally blew up, and their legacy was terrible. That’s not what people want. People want to be able to pass on their assets and their values to their kids, their grandkids, sometimes it’s the charities. And so I’d say a good lasting legacy is making sure the estate plan works, providing some protections for the next generation. So it doesn’t implode if one of the kids goes through a divorce. And then passing on your values. So we have a legacy worksheet in each of our estate plans, where you could talk about the most important lessons you’ll learn in life. And you can pass on that along with the money. That’s accomplishing a lot if you can pass on not only money but values.”

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