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Medi-Share 65+ Success Stories

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Medi-Share President and CEO Brandon Harvath joins Suzanne to share success stories.

Brandon says, “I can’t go beyond my family without finding stories. My wife spent a week in the hospital just over a year ago, an unexpected medical situation. It was one of the most petrifying moments of my life. We have seven children, 18 down to 3 years old, five boys and two girls. And the last thing you want to hear as a family at any point in time is that mom is in the hospital, right? Thankfully, doctors took good care of her. She came out, and was fine. Now everything is good, but we got hit with a $650,000 medical bill. Can anybody pay that? … But here’s the deal. The Medi-Share community came around my family and they negotiated that bill. They handled that situation, got it down to just over $200,000, by the way, which blows my mind to begin with, and took care of that. Just a few weeks later, prayers from members of the community started coming in for my wife, expressing how they were praying for her, for her healing, for her health. So it’s not just the uniqueness of, hey, how are we gonna pay for that bill? It’s the spiritual health, it’s the physical health, it’s the mental health. It’s the entire gamut that this community really is about one another.”

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