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The Sharing Aspect of Medi-Share 65+

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Answers for Elders starts 2024 to show how different opinions and concepts can come together to create something better. This hour, Suzanne is joined by Medi-Share President and CEO Brandon Harvath. Medi-Share 65+ is an option for Seniors 65 and older with Medicare Parts A & B. Medi-Share 65+ will share in any medical expenses that are covered by Medicare.

Brandon says, “There are other organizations that have connected into models like this in the recent decade, Go Fund Me or organizations like that. Way before that ever happened, we had a group of people here who saw a need of families who were being crushed under the weight of medical bills, going bankrupt over medical bills. And we saw that need 30 years ago. And we designed a program that said if we all contribute a share amount every single month and bring those bills in to the storehouse, if you will, we can meet those needs.

“You’re not just signing up for membership in that program, we’re actually connecting you to a bank account. That’s yours. As that money comes in, we connect all of those bank accounts together and connect those needs as they come in with the resources. It’s an amazing method, a lot of technology, a lot of patents over the years to build for our members…

“We try to make it as simple as possible. You can expect very similar tools and ways that you found insurance over the years to be easy. The ID card, and statements every month in the mail that [say] what your share amounts are, all of those basic things are there. It’s easy to use. You can go to any doctor you want on 65+. If things are eligible in, Medicare A and B, it’s eligible in our 65+ program. So it’s pretty simple to understand, and all you’re gonna do is take that EOB that you get after a bill goes to Medicare, and what’s left over there, you send it in, and we’re gonna cover the rest right now. We don’t cover anything, the community literally funds those bills.”

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