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Medi-Share 65+ Foundational Principles

Christian Care Ministry CEO Brandon Harvath

Christian Care Ministry President and CEO Brandon Harvath joins Suzanne to describe the four foundational principles of the Medicare resource Medi-Share 65+.

Brandon says, “Our vision is all about transforming society through the Biblical model of sharing. There are probably four main things I’d highlight. The first is just giving market solutions for people to align their values with their spending. And it’s true. We’re in a culture war today. Christian consumers, we’ve got a responsibility to consider how those dollars we spend are used to further Kingdom causes.

“The second one I’d give you is really just around church and culture. And it’s about today’s church, really being intentional about having a practical and a significant impact on the culture war rather than just being angry boycotters. That’s not what we’re called to do. We really should be thinking deeply about how we influence and impact culture. Like our vision statement says, transforming society isn’t an easy thing to do. But we believe that Biblical model of love, that Biblical model of sharing that we’re taught about in the gospel is the way to go.

“The third one I’d share with you is the intersection of faith and sharing. And this one goes really deep… Medical bills are just an example, a pressure, a weight, something that crushes us. And today it’s a need, right? It it is a moment of suffering that we are here to help with. But beyond that, there are so many other areas of life where faith and sharing can and should intersect… I don’t know what it is that stops us from doing this, but how unwilling we are at times just to raise our hand and say we have a need, and by the way, on the other side, I can help.

“The fourth point, you know, I would just make for you today. This is about the early church’s model of sharing that we see highlighted in the scripture. Knowing that our God owns a cattle on 1,000 hills, there isn’t a resource issue in the church as I’ve shared…

“That model is what we follow…. We’re here to connect those needs with resources, and we believe that those resources exist, and when people come together in communities like this, in a very powerful way, I think those needs get met, unlike you may have ever seen in or before.”

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