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Senior Moving: What Happens on Moving Day


Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River Moving & Storage, talks about what he hopes will happen on moving day, and sometimes what actually happens.

Sean explains the rules for various local and longer distance moves. “Every state has different rules and tariffs for professionally licensed and insured moving companies. We will use Washington as an example, because it’s pretty similar to most other regulated states. So when you just move within a 56-mile radius, it’s a local move. Therefore, we’ll calculate the hourly rate. We’ll charge the customer by the hourly rate for the packing and for the actual move. We always recommend if any family member can do the packing, do the packing because you save money.

“The other move option is called intrastate, which is long distance within the state. This will go by the mileage and the pounds on the truck. So we weigh the truck before and after. The hourly rate is not a factor, just the weight of the shipment. Similarly to this is the interstate move, which is across state lines. Every move across state line will be based on weight and mileage. If someone tells you that you want to charge you by volume, hang up the phone. There’s no way in the world anybody can tell you the volume of your shipment. It’s just the weight.”

“You can save money by doing your own packing. We deliver the boxes to your door, the wrapping paper, everything that you need. If we didn’t supply you enough, no problem. Another phone call, we will deliver it to you. We’re not gonna charge you for this. We charge you per use. Order more boxes than what you think you need. We’re trying to make it easier for the people.

“When people do their own packing, I would like to come to the house the day of the move and find boxes and furniture. And I would like to see the boxes all taped and ready to roll, because from the moment the truck stops, unfortunately, the clock starts. So we’re not gonna charge you if you are organized and ready. I promise you, our crew will not waste your time. When we’re moving a senior, we ask the guys to slow down a little bit, because they walk too fast for certain people, but they will be respectful of the time. We are not there to milk your clock.

“One time, I’m getting videos from the crew. It’s a total chaos. And I first thing I said, the crew, we need to wait. I tell the person we’ll come back tomorrow, please organize the place. If you can, if you don’t have to leave today, because if we spend time to organize your place, your move would be much higher.”

Sean adds, “Our customers ask me, ‘Can you 100% show that you’re going move my items from point A to point B without any damage?’ I always say if I can promise you that, I’ll probably be God, but I’m not God. Things can happen because we are human. I promise you the people I put into your house, I trust my family with them. They know my daughters, my daughters know them. You can feel safe and secure around my movers.”

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