CerebralFit – An Evidence-Based Approach to Brain Health

Lori La Bey talks with Guy Odishaw, who is a Healthcare Entrepreneur and a Bioelectric Medicine Practitioner.  He is the Co-founder of Bhakti Wellness Center – which offers Neuroimaging and neuromodulation. It is one of the largest, most diverse, integrative medicine clinics in the country.

Guy is the Co-founder of the first integrative student health clinics in the country at the University of Minnesota, along with being the Co-founder of the Minnesota Bredesen Clinic – Dementia Prevention & Treatment Co-founder of CerebralFit Brain Training, a Nutraceutical, Electroceutical, company.

Guys has 30 years of clinical experience specializing in treatment-resistant chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, and psycho-emotional trauma which informs his approach to brain health. In addition, Guy has 20+ years as a meditation instructor and facilitator of courses on personal growth helping him understand how to support clients through the changes arising from Neurotherapy. He has found brain training does not only alleviate unwanted symptoms it often also positively changes one’s whole sense of self and relationship to the world around them.


What BioMedicine is.
The difference between Bio-Electric Medicine vs. Regenerative Medicine and the top three populations Guy serves.
How nerves are impacted by electrical currents.
About CerebralFit and the services it offers.
What types of devices can be used at a clinic or at home and how to access?
Find research papers and videos in the contact information.

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Contact Guy Odishaw

Bhakti Wellness Center Website   https://bhakticlinic.com/

Cerebral Fit Website    https://cerebralfit.com/

Website  godishaw@cerebralfit.com

Phone  (866) 953-4325


CerebralFit – An Evidence-Based Approach to Brain Health

Research papers:







Dr. Hamblin, Harvard University & Dr Michael R Hamblin – Shining Light on the BRAIN     https://youtu.be/GatCJnQcSXg

Professor Michael Hamblin (2021) – Guy Foundation     https://youtu.be/Dl5dUg3qh6U

Dr. Paul Chazot Durham University – research on IR light helmet     https://youtu.be/qtv4UAkRzUA

Li-Huei Tsai – MIT research on 40 hz light and Alzheimer’s     https://youtu.be/pAk98jhQ2Fg

Collection of my favorite videos on the CerebralFit website


Dr. Been videos – Near Infrared Light (NIR) Deprivation and Our Health


Photobiomodulation (PBM) is Neuroprotective


Near Infrared Light Therapy Reduces Inflammation


Using light therapy to help Parkinson’s disease sufferers


Many more are available on these pages of the CerebralFit site






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