Skyline resident Kendall Clark Baker continues his conversation with Suzanne about living in Skyline’s life care senior living community. In this segment, he talks about what happens on an average day, the variety of restaurants in the community, friendships, a chapel, programs, and support groups.

On an average day, Kendall says, “Well, I wake up early and I have coffee that I prepare in my kitchen, and my own private, quiet time with my cat, just preparing myself for the day and being grateful and expressing that gratitude. And by the time I’m ready to move out, it’s eight o’clock in the morning. I go downstairs to the fourth floor to the fitness room and join 12 to 15 other people in Wake and Stretch, and it’s a 30 minute class. And this was something that Sonia and I did together from the very beginning. We have an outstanding fitness program. On Friday, it’s actually a full hour of yoga.

“And sometimes, like this morning, I had breakfast in the bistro. The bistro has breakfast six days a week. This morning I just sat by myself, but there was another table next to me with eight people. Sometimes I will have breakfast like that informally with a group of people in which the group is just constituted at the last second in the morning. Sometimes there’s a program that I go to, but usually I just have my own variety of business, and reading, and activities. I like to write, and have my own personal business affairs that I take care of.

“And I might go down for lunch at noon, or I might prepare my own lunch. Sometimes I go swimming in the swimming pool, which is a beautiful swimming pool with a hot tub. Sometimes I’ll go over to the gym. There are programs, like we have Sky Opera. I’m just kind of going through, because every day is is different. But on Tuesdays, I have dinner with a group of friends, and what we share in common is that we all had or have family members in memory care. I really no longer qualify for the group because Sonia died, but everybody appreciates that. They keep bringing me back.”

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