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About Salem Media

Salem Media Group is a leading national U.S. radio broadcaster, internet content provider, and magazine and book publisher. Presenting Christian and family-themed content as well as conservative values, Salem Media Group serves an array of audiences, from business owners to Spanish speakers. The company takes pride in its more than 100 radio stations, including stations in 23 of the top 25 markets.

Broadcasting from the heart of Seattle, Salem Seattle’s four station formats include Christian teaching and talk, conservative news talk, business talk, and Spanish Christian teaching and talk.

Families are at the core of 820AM THE WORD, with most listeners over the age of 35, with stable income and home ownership. 820AM THE WORD offers Christian teaching and talk to a market that is experiencing rapid growth in Western Washington. Formerly the most un-churched city in America, Seattle has become home to many new churches and Christians, and there has never been a greater demand for Christian content.

Seattle’s AM 1300: The Answer has 258,341 conservative talk listeners weekly.AM 1300 Seattle: The Answer