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Affirming Ourselves in the Things we Do

Life coach Laurie Hardie

Life coach Laurie Hardie says of seniors who are lonely, “If you offer them a drink of water, read a chapter of a book, offer them a game of cards, that is so huge to somebody who is shut in, that we can really make a difference. If we open our hearts, and listen to their stories, they can make a difference in our lives. These are simple things that take 15 minutes or less.”

Suzanne adds, “Knowing that you’re an integral part of a community, there’s things to volunteer for, there’s things to do, whatever you’re called to, it’s about connection, building relationships.”

Laurie says, “I ask people to pay attention to their self-talk. Often it goes back to their childhood, something that a parent or a caregiver said, whether it was meant ill-intentionally or not. Recognize what it is… Alex Elle said, ‘It is an act of community service when we do self-healing.’ If we live in bad messages, we’re not helping anyone. But if we take the time to heal ourself, and change those messages, it’s going to be better for everyone around us.”

The conversation centers around social wellness, part of the Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana.

In this hour, Laurie talks about:

  • Why caregiving should be part of your life, but not your whole life
  • How to pick up the pieces and find ways to reinvent yourself
  • What thing you have learning in the process of caregiving that creates a new you
  • Resources to discover new passions and opportunities
  • How to reinvent yourself to create a legacy

Laurie has two podcasts: “Enough,” a coaching podcast, and “Interrupted: Act 2 Reinventing Your Legacy,” which is focused on recreating and reinventing yourself after having a life challenge.

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