Darol Tuttle

Asset protection attorney Darol Tuttle joins Suzanne. Darol shared a couple of stories.

“I grew up poor, a farm boy. When I was three years old, I watched my grandfather die right in front of me. I can remember that vividly. Our family went on a different course from that day on. Our grandmother lived with us — she died two years ago, she lived another 54 years alone, relying on family members. And so, for me, the silver tsunami is biased, it’s not gender neutral, it adversely affects women. The great thing is, the law has solutions.”

BoomX.biz, the BoomX Academy, is a membership site, an online digital academy. “There is a member level called Family Leaders, and these are people who are actively planning. For $44/month, we meet weekly for a live Q&A, they have exclusive checklists and guides, and that site also has a drafting app for a work product that I currently charge $8,000 for. You can draft that work product for $150 and you’ll have it in your in-box immediately, the same app I use for my clients in my law firm, because I wrote the code for it.”

Learn more at the BoomX website or visit Darol’s YouTube channel.

Suzanne also shares a poignant story about dog adoptions.