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Having Physical Wellness

Having Physical Wellness

Foundational principles of wellness, part 7: Eating right, walking, movement, balance, using our core. It’s more than lifting weights and exercise. So many seniors living alone don’t eat right, can’t cook or do the things that contribute to a good quality of life, and resort to leftovers, fast food and TV dinners.

MorningStar Senior Living offers a diverse menu like you’d find in a restaurant, accommodated to particular needs of their residents to keep them healthy, and offering a well-balanced diet. Physical, occupational and speech therapy is available to all residents through a third-party, and exercise programs such as yoga, strength and balance, slim and fit, and others, aided by an onsite physical instructor.

Recorded at MorningStar Senior Living at Silver Lake in Everett, Washington, Suzanne Newman and Elena Cuevas, Regional VP of Sales, talk about this foundational principles of wellness. Learn more at MorningStar’s website.


Pexels image courtesy of Yan Krukov.