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Palliative Care, with Cassidy Bastien

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With 9,000 COVID deaths, many of us have lost loved ones recently. Suzanne talks with Cassidy Bastien, an end-of-life doula, about a difficult topic to talk about, the end of life. Our medical communities often forget to educate families on the goals of treatment when our senior loved one’s health is declining, or has gotten a terminal diagnosis. The goal is no longer to make them better, but to make them comfortable. This segment is about palliative care, which isn’t discussed very often. We are so goal-oriented on fixing things, and we end up needing to focus on our quality of life. Palliative care allows for medications and treatment overseen by a palliative care team that works with your primary care physician and experts, and monitors your comfort and how you’re doing with your treatments. Visit her Caregivers Hub Support Group at Facebook.