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Remember Me and Delayed Honor

John Wenderlein book ''Delayed Honor''

John Wenderlein joins Suzanne to talk about how he got started as a hospice chaplain and wrote his two books ”Remember Me: End of Life as Seen through the Eyes of a Hospice Chaplain” and ”Delayed Honor.”

“John says, “What I found as I was visiting these patients, I would leave having to write their stories down. So on my computer, I have 1,000, 1,500 stories… One of my pastor buddies about a year or two ago said, John, you should write a book. I was telling him a quick story. He wasn’t a chaplain, he was a retired pastor, and he said, John, that story is so overwhelming… I wrote my first book, and I struggled with it. With the help of close friends and my wife, I got through it.

“My second book, what we found is and many people forget is we have pretty much buried a generation of World War II and Korean veterans – the last patient I had was 105, he was in the Army Air Corps, which ended in 1947. What I was finding was, when I would meet a Vietnam veteran at the end of his life, I talked about this reflection. They were devastated, they were heartbroken. When they came back to this country, they were just spat upon, horrible things done. So I took those stories and I put them in my second book. And that book has just come out a couple of weeks ago, and that’s called Delayed Honor.”

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