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Plotting a Road Map For Rightsizing

Downsizing for the future

Founder and CEO of Real Estate 55 Plus Juli Anne Gibson joins Suzanne to talk about the unique services that her company provides for people over 55.

Juli Anne says, “We know that in real estate, it’s really about the relationships with the people. It really is not about the house, because it doesn’t become a home until the people reside in and create the space that they want. So we come from a place of proactivity. The primary focus is to find out what the seniors’ goals are. And then we create a road map for how they’re going to age, and where they’re going to live. And for the most of the people that we work with, they’re gonna be selling their current home, and they’re gonna be right-sizing. So they may move from a large home to a condominium. They may might move into multi-generational living. They may be exploring assisted living, retirement communities.

“But one thing people don’t know about what we do, is there are about 72 potential services that we can recommend and refer to a family and for seniors, so that they can make really good decisions. One of the examples is, as a necessity with COVID, we started offering estate sale services. It’s not for profit. We just charge for the labor and the dump fees, and marketing promotion. Any proceeds we make go back to the family. We’ve created a system so we have realtors that are in different states, they can actually access that program and provide estate sell services to clients in their areas, or we’re gonna tell them how they can partner within an estate sale company.

“Oftentimes, what prevents a senior from moving forward is lack of funding. Some people want to move to a retirement community, but all of their assets are tied up into the equity of their home real estate. 55 Plus will pay that gap funding to the retirement community at no interest. And we get reimbursed from the sale of the proceeds from the house. So our goal is to get the person settled where they need to be. We will go as far as getting the whole place set up for them, and hiring the movers, and getting it all set up for that. It’s not just a real estate piece of it, it has to do with the housing, and aging, and making sure people are in really good spaces.”

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