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Dr. Shawn Weiss

Caregivers: You Deserve Some Self-Care

Caregivers deserve some time for self-caring. Dr. Shawn Weiss joins Suzanne to talk about some ways to help care partners from becoming overtaxed and burning out.

Navigating the Financial Struggles of Family Caregiving

Family caregiving is an essential and compassionate role, but significant financial challenges should be addressed. By acknowledging these challenges and seeking appropriate solutions, caregivers can work towards alleviating the economic strain and focusing on providing the best care for their loved ones without sacrificing their financial stability and well-being.

The Silent Strain: Environmental Problems in Family Caregiving

The environmental problems in family caregiving are often invisible yet impactful.
Having Spiritual Wellness

The Sacred Journey of Caregiving: Embracing the Spiritual Dimension

The spiritual part of caregiving adds a profound depth to the already vital task of caring for another human being. By recognizing the sacred nature of the care recipient, cultivating mindfulness and presence, embracing transcendence and hope, finding meaning in suffering, nurturing connection, and practicing gratitude and surrender, caregivers can transform their caregiving journey into a sacred and transformative experience. Caregiving becomes an opportunity for personal growth, deep connection, and discovering profound truths about ourselves and our world.

Find a New Career While Caregiving

Lori Hutson discusses options during caregiving downtime to take online courses, connect with support groups, and network, to start a new career or even a new business.

Find Passion and Joy While Caregiving

Lori Hutson talks about redefining ourselves while being a family caregiver — exploring hobbies that provide passion and joy, connecting with others, or even considering new careers.
Caregiver Smart Solutions

Caregiver App Detects Changing Behaviors

Ryan Herd talks about how machine learning can detect changes in behavior to help caregivers and their senior loved ones in a noninvasive way.
Caregiver Smart Solutions

How Caregiving App Provides Peace of Mind

Ryan Herd: If mom leaves the fridge open for a few hours, will she eat spoiled food? With the app, you'd be alerted and could call her to check the fridge.
Caregiver Smart Solutions

Caregiving App Alerts If Loved One Falls

Innovator Ryan Herd joins Suzanne to talk about providing hope, dignity and a sense of wellness for aging seniors living alone in their homes.
Caregiver Smart Solutions

Innovative Caregiving App Helps Aging Seniors

Ryan Herd joins Suzanne to talk about how Caregiver Smart Solutions' innovative app helps families and seniors.