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The Taxman and Your Estate

David T. Phillips: Estate Planning Made Easy podcast

Since the beginning of civilization, it has been very difficult for a king to keep his castle and kingdom for any great length of time. Someone, usually an enemy, would go to great lengths, with the loss of thousands of constricted soldiers in an effort to conquer another’s castle. That is reason why walls, moats, draw bridges, parapets and 24-hour defenses were placed around most medieval castles. To protect the treasury, the family, and the kingdom. Many of those that have not, want what those that have, have, and they will go to great lengths to take what they want.

Today, governments take from the affluent in the form of taxation. We are taxed most of our lives, through income, sales, capital gains, property taxes. We also must pay a transfer tax for the privilege of passing our assets to those we leave behind, better known as estate and gift tax.

In this week’s podcast, David T. Phillips, CEO of Estate Planning Specialists reveals the importance of exploiting the currently lofty $13.6 federal estate and gift tax exclusion, before it “sunset” or drops down to $6 million on December 31, 2025, known as Tax Doomsday! David will also explains the new rules created by The SECURE Act of 2020, also known as the “Stealth Estate Tax.” He will expose little know secrets on how to mitigate the enormous tax bite of The SECURE Act and introduce listeners to the powerful RMD Leveraged Strategy.

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