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A/B Trusts, Protect Your Assets and Avoid Probate

David T. Phillips: Estate Planning Made Easy podcast

For centuries, an estate planning attorney was solely an attorney that represented clients before a probate judge, in an effort to maximize the desired estate transfer. They would simply help draft a will and represent that will in court to validate it. While the phone book is full of so-called estate planning attorneys, most still follow this philosophy.

A true estate planning attorney, however, is much more than a “hearse chaser.” He helps you craft a logical distribution plan that has true dynasty provisions avoiding the expenses of probate, blessing multiple generations. Estate Planning Specialists is the quarterback of your estate plan. We make certain your plan maximizes your dreams, and takes advantage of all loopholes, strategies, and top products.

In this podcast, David T. Phillips explain how this can be done by ignoring Portability, and establishing an A/B Credit Shelter Trust. Using this little-known estate planning technique, you not only avoid probate, the Credit Shelter “B” Trust can grow to unimaginable sums with absolutely no future federal or state estate taxes. What’s more, this tax-free growth can last as long as there are assets in the trust.

Currently, the federal estate exclusion is the highest it has ever been, at $13.6 million. It is set to plummet to $6 million on December 31, 2025, a day known as Tax Doomsday! To discover how you can take advantage of this gigantic exclusion this year, you will want to read the latest 4th edition of David’s book ”The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,” by going to https://shop.epmez.com/, and by subscribing to the monthly newsletter Generational Wealth Strategies newsletter.