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Upcoming Podcast: Seniors, Special Needs, and the Law

Spend downs with Jim Koewler

Elder Law attorney and passionate special needs advocate Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to talk about a new podcast show coming soon. Hosted on the SeniorResource platform along with Answers for Elders, it’s going to be called “Seniors, Special Needs, and the Law.”

Episodes will discuss long term care issues; some estate planning issues, mostly how it affects long term care; special needs issues; care coordination; and Jim hopes to create an information source that clears up the confusion surrounding these issues. He’ll revisit Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA program, so that people can listen and be prepared to deal with these circumstances.

Learn more at http://www.protectingseniors.com or email Jim at jkoewler-afe@protectingseniors.com.


Suzanne: And welcome back everyone to Answers for Elders Radio Network. And we are here with elder law and special needs attorney Jim Koewler, who is based out of Richfield, Ohio, and serves seniors and those with special needs in the state of Ohio. And we are very thrilled to have you on our program, Jim. And one of the things that’s really exciting about working with you is, you and I have worked for together for a long time. You’ve mentored me, you’ve helped us in Answers for Elders, make sure that we provide the right information. And so as we have grown over time, I’m very, very excited. They always say, we’re doing amazing things. Well, we wouldn’t be doing amazing things if it wasn’t for people like you. And as a result, we’re so proud to have you featured on Answers for Elders for your own podcast coming up soon. Tell us a little bit about it. And what is it gonna be?

Jim Koewler: Thank you. Well, first thing I had to do is get over the blushing over those compliments. Thank you so much. Fortunately, this radio so no one can see it. The podcast is gonna be hosted on the SeniorResource platform like yours is, and it is going to be called “Seniors, Special Needs, and the Law.”. Thank you, Suzanne. That was actually your suggestion.

And I’m gonna talk about long term care issues, some estate planning issues, but mostly as the state planning impacts long term care. I’m not a will guy. I don’t want to write your will. I’m gonna talk about special needs issues. And again, estate planning can include planning ahead for special needs. I will obviously talk about care coordination because at some point I’ve got to get my nurses on there, otherwise there will be a mutiny. And I hope to create an information source that takes, to the extent possible, the confusion that surrounds these issues — because they are very complicated — and breaks them down to make them as simple as possible. I will not be able to, in the time allowed, teach someone to do what I do, just because you’re not gonna do this unless you immerse yourself in it. You’re not gonna learn this as a one off. But I really hope to create an opportunity for people to learn. I’m gonna be reusing some of the things you and I discussed on your podcast before I set up my own. And so we will be revisiting Medicare on my podcast. And we will be definitely be talking about estate planning, but really with an eye toward long term care, but I’m gonna try to explain Medicaid, try to explain the VA programs that help pay for long term care so that people are prepared for this stuff.

Suzanne: I think some of the things that you’ve made our audience aware of is, there’s all kinds of little gotcha things in contracts that we may sign when we’re interviewing long-term care providers. There’s little things that we don’t even think about, and a lot of times families that are trying to navigate this very confusing world as it is, it’s a very emotional and deeply personal time. And that’s terrifying.

Jim Koewler: Yes, goes into just assuming that they’re signing something that’s OK, and don’t know any better.

Suzanne: Sadly sometimes we sign contracts that we don’t necessarily know what’s in them. And I think this is some of the things that you’ve been able to help our families with, and you know, what we get back from the interviews I’ve done with you is to say thank you for Jim because he’s been really a watchdog on little things that you need to be aware of at a time, and having your information available 24/7 is so vitally important.

There was a family not too long ago that listened to [a shot about] how to negotiate, I think it was, nursing home contracts, and you had talked about these clauses that sometimes they will put in — and they caught one, and it was because of your podcast. So again, those are the things that we really are appreciative o,f because you are such an advocate for our seniors and those with special needs. We’re just so thrilled that you’ll be offering this show. So you’re gonna do your own podcast. Now, what’s the set up gonna be like, are you gonna interview people? Are you gonna share information on your own? What is your plan?

Jim Koewler: At least initially, in large part simply to get it out and get it started, I’m going to talk myself about what I know. I hope I don’t turn over the talking heads that we all know about, but at least, at first, that’s what I’m gonna do, because I have a lot of content, and I need to get it out there. I haven’t yet found people who talk about these issues the way I do. I’m a bit of a flaming jerk about some of them, and I want people to know what they’re getting. I’ve got lots of great colleagues, but no one who is as blunt as I am.

Suzanne: We need that, we need that when it comes to you. That’s a good thing.

Jim Koewler: So do that first, in what I know. And then I, and I’m gonna be interviewing people in related jobs, for example, my care coordinators, I’ve been talking about, patient advocacy. I, at some point, I hope to start talking to colleagues in other states, and so people can start to understand the differences because Ohio is uniquely difficult where other states are not difficult, and California is notably easy and becoming easier. But then again, regulation of nursing homes and the quality of nursing homes are different from. So I hope to make it more national. But first, we’re gonna talk about the basics with a lot of Ohio mixed in xtensively, because it’s what I know, and me as a voice. Now, we are gonna videotape or computer tape, whatever you call it. So it will be available, I assume on YouTube. But I’m not the tech guy for that. So, we will do it and we’ll see what happens.

Suzanne: Yes. Yes. And so Jim, it’s coming soon and we say soon it could be, what, a month from now approximately would you say?

Jim Koewler: I’m not holding my breath on a month, let’s say six weeks, I hope?

Suzanne: Ok. So stay tuned on Answers for Elders. Of course, we’re gonna be promoting Jim’s podcast. And in the meantime, Jim, thank you so much for being on our show. And for those of you interested in contacting Jim, it’s protectingseniors.com, and it is just been an honor to have you with us. Thank you so much for being here, Jim.

Jim Koewler: Thanks, Suzanne. Always great to be with you.