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Will Your Home Support You As You Age?


Founder and CEO of Real Estate 55 Plus Juli Anne Gibson joins Suzanne to kick off the topic of environmental wellness: surrounding yourself with an environment that brings you joy; being in an environment that supports you; living sustainably and being mindful of the world we live in. This is one of the 8 foundational principles of wellness, featured as part of the Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana.

Juli Anne says, “Let’s specifically talk about environmental wellness for seniors. Number one, our home is where we create family and community and connection. And as we age, we’re gonna be seeing people leaving our homes coming back and returning to visit us. And we’re wanting to have a space that feels comfortable, brings back memories and that’s gonna honor the senior themselves. So we’re working with someone who’s currently in their home and they’re moving someplace else. We want to recreate that space for them. So it feels like home because home is a feeling it’s the people around you. It’s not necessarily the house itself. And what and what we know about real estate is it really isn’t about the houses. It’s about the people, and the people are what create a home. And that’s the fundamental basis of where we start with the senior and their families, is what their priorities are. So we can make sure we help them make good decisions on that journey for housing and aging.”

Seniors have many options. “We teach Aging With Choice workshops, where we look at all the different options that are available to somebody. And there’s a wide scope. Of course, we’re gonna look at their financial, their emotional, spiritual, and physical, that’s gonna help define really the base point of what they’re gonna be looking for, and searching for, whether they want to age in their current home or move someplace else. The options are endless.”

Juli Anne adds, “When we sit down with somebody, we’re looking at their uniqueness, and we’re looking at what makes the most sense for them. Oftentimes you don’t know what you don’t know, until you sit down with us and we help you create that road map. Oftentimes people say, I wish that we had pulled you in a year sooner, because all of these resources we wish we had known about, because trial and error, we found our way. So we help seniors and their families create a road map, so that they can age and how successfully and have a sense of well-being, right? The home is the most important part of our lives, because it’s where we live.”

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