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A Day in the Life at Era Living: Resident Connie Olstad

Era Living resident Connie Olstad

Connie Olstad, a resident of Era Living’s Aljoya Thornton Place in Seattle, Washington, joins Suzanne to provide a resident’s perspective of what a typical day is like at an Era Living retirement community. Connie’s lived there for ten years.

“It’s not an easy move. I tell people don’t wait till you’re ready, because you’re never ready to do it. It’s difficult. I asked my husband what he missed most, what was the hardest part, and we’d moved into a house with no garden, and he’d built a Japanese garden, and so it was hard for him to leave. We lived in our house for nearly 50 years.

‘”But I keep telling friends, don’t wait. Move while you can make your own choices. We did a lot of our own moving because we lived five or ten miles away, and we could move a lot of our own things, and we could make the decisions. We didn’t have children saying, ‘Are you sure you want to take this?’ We moved here while we were still young enough to enjoy being here.”

Learn more about Aljoya Thornton Place, located at 450 NE 100th St. in Seattle, WA. There’s more about Era Living at Answers for Elders and at eraliving.com.

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