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Action Steps For a Healthier Life

Tracy Cromwell

Tracy Cromwell, author of Your Personal Journey with Food: A Roadmap for the Confused and Frustrated Dieter, joins Suzanne to talk about physical and emotional wellness. Food is a big part of both, a lot of us are emotional eaters, or don’t eat right. Nobody likes to be “should” on. This segment talks about how to get started. If you were to pick one thing, the first that comes to me, what would you want to start with first? And what would be one little thing, that if you did this you’d feel better?

Tracy is also an international best-selling co-author of One Crazy Broccoli! My Body is Smarter Than My Disease and What’s Left to Eat. To learn more about Tracy’s coaching programs, visit www.journeywithfood.com, and sign up for a free consultation at www.tracycromwell.com. Listen to her podcast, “Your Personal Journey With Food,” on Spotify. Hear more of Tracy’s podcasts on Answers for Elders. Learn more about the overall Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana and listen to more episodes about Physical Wellness and Emotional Wellness. Learn more about Answers for Elders, the North Star in Navigating Senior Care.