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Focus on Preventative Measures: Dental

On behalf of Humana, gold sponsor of the Vitality Revolution Podcast Series, Lori Hutson joins Suzanne. Lori is owner of LJ Hutson Insurance LLC in Washington state.

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This segment addresses dental health benefits available through Medicare Advantage programs. Dental health impacts our overall health and becomes more important as we age. Unaddressed oral infections can progress into your bloodstream and throughout your body to become something more serious. If you have to be treated for some condition, it’s possible doctors will put off treating that if you have a dental problem, and have that treated first.

Lori says, “If you have original Medicare, you do have some coverage for a medical appointment, very limited. If you have something like a tumor in your mouth, or mouth cancer, things like that, that will be covered under original Medicare. I had an example, a member I was working with, she fell and she broke off all of her bottom teeth. Well, getting the teeth removed, that was a medical appointment, so that was covered under her medical, but the restoration wasn’t covered. Then she needed a bridge, or implants, and that was not covered. So the Medicare Advantage plans, they will add in benefits, and dental is a huge issue right now, almost all of them now cover the basics. So they’re gonna get cleanings, exams, X-rays, a couple of fillings. That’s pretty standard, but then some of the plans — depending on your eligibility, depending on where you live, what’s available for you — they will cover root canals, crowns, those types of things as well.”

Contact Lori through her website LJ Hutson Insurance LLC.