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How to Recognize Everyday Miracles

Kathianne Lewis

Reverend Doctor Kathianne Lewis joins Suzanne to talk about how to see that there are miracles in everyday life, an aspect of Spiritual Wellnss, one of the 8 foundational principles of wellness featured this month as part of the Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana.

Rev Kathianne says, “I’m really a miracle junkie. I think we’ve all had miracles. Most people have had something out of the ordinary that they couldn’t even imagine happening, but it did. Then we live off of that. I used to do that myself. I want what I would say from the Old Testament is mana. I want my own mana every day, a miracle every day. I want to see God, have evidence of God every day of my life. It can be a small thing, like ‘I can’t find this’ and there it is. Everything can be a miracle. There’s a beautiful song that people can listen to, which is ‘Everything Is a Miracle Now.’ Then there’s ‘A Million Little Miracles.’ Both of them are probably on YouTube. If we start assuming that spirit works are alive, we will start seeing all this synchronicity that happens, and we’ll feel that connection. It’ll be real.”

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