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How to Seek Fulfillment vs Pleasure, Part 1

Retirement coach Larry Jacobson

Retirement coach Larry Jacobson joins Suzanne to talk about finding purpose and fulfillment in your senior years vs just seeking pleasure – how you find passions and opportunities after your career. Jacobson sold his business, bought a boat, and sailed around the world for six years. He felt fantastic, but when he got back, something was missing — what to do now? He was looking for self-actualization, the highest point on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: giving back to society, improving other peoples’ lives.

Larry says, “A lot of people confuse pleasure with purpose and fulfillment. Pleasures are what a lot of people seek in retirement – travel, sleep late, and play golf. Finding that purpose and fulfillment – I want to stress the importance of that. Even if you didn’t like your job, what you did for your career, you still had some fulfillment from it. Even if you’re screwing screws on the door in an auto assembly line, you still know that that door was made by you. I think that’s robotic now, but you get the point. What’s your legacy? Right now I’m working on three new books. One of them is about wisdom, things I’ve made up over the years, “Larry-isms.” Why am I doing that? I don’t want them to be forgotten. I want to pass that wisdom on to the next generation, giving back.”

“If I were to leave your listeners with one thing to remember, it would be that you’re striving to become part of something larger than yourself. It’s like if you’re in the military, or helping out at your church, if you’re teaching kids, elders, anything that you’re providing for others, you’re doing something larger than yourself.” Seek to find fulfillment vs. pleasure.

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