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Now I Know Where I’m Going: Finding A Life Purpose

Retirement coach Larry Jacobson joins Suzanne to talk about finding your life purpose.

Larry says, “Most of the people who come to me are about to retire or will retire within a year, and they ask, ‘Is this all there is? I thought there would be more, I thought it would be more fun. I’m bored. Help me, I’m gonna go crazy.’ I start with, ‘Let’s talk about a vision that you have for your dream retirement. What did you always dream of doing in retirement?’ Well, I don’t know, is the answer I get a lot. It’s OK if you don’t know, because we have tools to help you get there. And one of them is a passion quiz. It’s actually available for free on my website, LarryJacobson.com. You just put in your name and your email, and the passion quiz comes to you, and it’s about 30 questions. The questions are easy. The answers are hard, because you really have to think, and I ask you questions like what were you doing the last time you had fun? What were you doing the last time you stayed up really, really late and didn’t even realize what time it was? What makes you leap out of bed in the morning without a cup of coffee?’ I recommend people have that. That’s just one of the tools that’s in the course, Sailing Into Retirement.”

He also coaches clients one-on-one through his training course. Larry adds, “That’s really the best way. You buy the course for just 95 bucks, and then you get one free session. Well, we can only go so far in one session. So the most popular is that people buy the course with four sessions. You can also buy the course with nine sessions, and it gets progressively cheaper as you go. Some people buy the nine sessions because I’ll be with them for almost a year to help them through these questions and I’m asking them lots of questions like, ‘OK, now you’ve got a dream, you’ve got this big dream. How do we break that down into steps into goals?'”

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