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How to Spot Moving Company Scams, Part 1


Suzanne is joined by Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River International Moving & Storage, a nationwide firm that specializes in working with seniors. Moving has changed with the internet, making the whole United States one big neighborhood, and leading to scams. Seek local companies, and get an in-person estimate.

Sean says, “People sometimes fall for fake reviews and flashy websites. When you put your precious items in the hands of movers, don’t you want to get something in writing, and be able to look them in the eyes? Ask for references from a friend. Ask local companies if they can come up to your house and give you an estimate. If they won’t come to your house, that’s a red flag. It should be a free estimate. There’s no reason to pay for an estimate.

“If they can’t come to your home, that means they’re from out of town, and they’re probably going to hire another moving organization to come get your stuff. All they are is a middleman, they’re going to mark the price higher, right? Because they have to make a profit, this transportation broker. If you ever pay more than a ten percent deposit, which should be refundable 72 hours before the move… don’t ever pay 35%, because the broker takes that money.

“The broker doesn’t give you a magic price somewhere. They use the magic phrase, ‘based on your information.’ When I come to your home, and give you an estimate, for free of course, I am obligated by law to set a cap on the estimate. There’s no way I can charge whatever I want. Those who don’t come to your home, and go by your information supposedly, they can say you were wrong, and can charge you double, triple.

“90% of the brokers are selling out of Serbia, Tijuana, Tel Aviv, Bogota. Ask for local companies in your area. You can visit their headquarters or local branch. Younger people are getting scammed just like seniors. Be careful of the internet. Watch for phishing, cybersecurity, retargeted ads. They’re very sophisticated.”

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