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How to Spot Moving Company Scams, Part 2


Suzanne is joined by Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River International Moving & Storage, a nationwide firm that specializes in working with seniors. They continue their conversation about moving company scams to watch for.

Sean says, “I’m a board member of the Washington Movers Conference. And every time, we’re talking about education, education, education. People need to be aware of scams. The scan is very simple. The company tries to get you in at a certain amount of money, and then double it.

“First, stay away from brokers. Brokers won’t admit they are brokers. Brokers always charge a 35% deposit… If the company asks you and try to move you based on a cubic feet, run and hang up the phone. You don’t want to move by cubic feet, because this is not a precise measure… [A scammer] will create a hole in the middle of the truck to inflate the amount of space they’re using… Pay attention to blank paperwork. They must send a bill of lading three days before the move… Don’t sign a blank paper.

“Recently [scammers] have been using the same tactic of a binding estimate fee… Legitimate companies will not charge for an estimate. Any time you hear that, it’s a scam.”

Regarding red flags to look for on a company’s website, Sean says, “It’s tricky. Look up their department of transportation number. You might not want to use a brand new company, which is if their number starts with a 3. Look up their DOT number to see if they’re a broker or a carrier. It’s simple math, the broker is charging more.

“Do not pay for a binding estimate, do not move by cubic feet, make sure it’s not a broker, try to avoid brand-new moving companies, and ask for an in-home estimate, so you can look them in the eye, so they can get a visual estimate, and get something in writing. Always use a local moving company. Look at their contact information. If it doesn’t have a full address, run.”

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