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Live Event: MorningStar at Hillsboro Opens, with Adam Ortega

Maintenance Director Adam Ortega with MorningStar at Hillsboro

This special live event celebrates the June 18 opening of MorningStar Senior Living in Hillsboro, Oregon. In this segment, Maintenance Director Adam Ortega joins Suzanne Newman to talk about opening the brand new retirement community.

He also helped open MorningStar’s Kirkland community, and talks about getting creative with helping senior residents make room for special collections, or knocking down walls — whatever helps them feel at home and help feed their passions when transitioning to senior living. People have a perception that they’ll lose their freedom and identity in senior living, but that’s not the case at MorningStar. Ortega handles everything from hanging TV sets, making extra shelves, adding closet systems, and more. Schedule a tour! For folks outside the Portland, Oregon area, MorningStar has communities from the midwest through the Pacific states. Find a community near you at MorningStar Senior Living.com.