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Live Event: MorningStar at Hillsboro Opens, with Emily Hoover

MorningStar at Hillsboro, with Emily Hoover

This special live event celebrates the June 18 opening of MorningStar Senior Living in Hillsboro, Oregon. In this segment, Suzanne Newman joins Emily Hoover, Life Enrichment Coordinator and Music Therapist, to talk about the opening.


Hoover oversees activities and events at the community, working with residents to create events they love and want to participate in and engage in, and finding the things that people love and help them grow their passions, whether it’s something new or something they’ve done for a really long time. She also helps with private events like book clubs, garden clubs, Bible studies, and hopes to build a community outreach club that works with food banks, local schools to have a volunteer program. It’s important for seniors to have social interactions because our brains need successful community stimulation, and it’s important to have that purpose in their life and feel loved while doing it. Schedule a tour! For folks outside the Portland, Oregon area, MorningStar has communities from the midwest through the Pacific states. Find a community near you at MorningStar Senior Living.com.