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Making Connections During Virtual Tours

Wowzitude live stream tours

Making connections unites us all. Wowzitude‘s live-stream tours with licensed guides are able to zoom into areas that regular groups can’t go to. Imagine going somewhere in real life with 40 people behind you and trying to hear what the guide is saying. You also have a front-row seat at every tour. Wowzitude’s founder Susan Black joins Suzanne to describe some of the destinations. It’s part of Intellectual Wellness — expanding our minds, learning — one of the 8 foundational principles of wellness, featured this month as part of The Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana.

Susan says, “Community is the most important thing for Wowzitude, it is this sense of connection. We want to mitigate social isolation. We want to connect people, whether it’s intergenerational, whether it’s people in our travel club… you hear the questions from the people all the time. You get to participate. It’s all about connection, and we’re connecting with our guides from all of these destinations, 140 destinations around the world in all. So we’re connecting, to learn about what’s education like. Every question you may ever have is a connection. It’s a warmth. You see the guy’s face and then he flips it around. So you see the beautiful areas we’re walking in. So we are all about and community.”

Susan adds, “It’s so important to us to honor different cultures here in the United States. So for example, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, all sorts of demographics, communities and groups, we celebrate them. We honor them. We believe in heritage, so we do a lot of heritage tours of every ethnicity and religion that we can think of. We tie it in and with celebration, so there’s a greater understanding. But when you’re connecting people and you’re connecting communities around the world, that gives us such a great understanding of where people are from, and where they’re coming from, and the background, and it just unites us all together.”

Podcast listeners are eligible for a special promotion. Susan says, “If you sign up before October 1st, we will give a free Christmas market special tour, to all of your listeners, and only your listeners, as a special promotion on this podcast. Sign up at https://wowzitude.com/.”

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