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Travel Stories, Wow Moments In Immersive Tours

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Founder and CEO Susan Black joins Suzanne to share some amazing travel stories from Wowzitude. Vitual tour visits is part of intellectual wellness — expanding our minds, learning — one of the 8 foundational principles of wellness, featured this month as part of the Vitality Revolution podcast series sponsored by Humana.

Susan says, “One of my favorite ones was for Anna. Anna was in her assisted living home and she mentioned to her activity director, because she knew we were going to Paris next week, that she loves Paris. She’s been there many times. And as a matter of fact, her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren were going to be in Paris. What a coincidence. Well, we got to work with her activity director and guess what we did. We made sure that our guide Patrick was meeting with her family. And even though we had over 400 people, all of a sudden, we had a surprise for Anna, and there were her kids, and her grandchildren, all waving in the background, saying we love you Nana, and we’re so glad that you’re on our tour with us. So that was a wow moment. I have to tell you, the activity director, Cheryl, made it all happen. So we worked with people, and we try to make these wow moments. We’re always connecting anniversaries, and birthdays, and red letter days, and doing shout-outs. So we’re encouraging people to tell us before or during a trip what is meaningful for them.”

Here more Wowzitude stories in the podcast and see more at https://wowzitude.com/travel-stories.

Podcast listeners are eligible for a special promotion. Susan says, “If you sign up before October 1st, we will give a free Christmas market special tour, to all of your listeners, and only your listeners, as a special promotion on this podcast. Sign up at https://wowzitude.com/.”

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