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Medicaid If You’re Married And Have Income

Medicaid If You're Married And Have Income

If you are a married couple, what happens to your income as a Medicaid applicant? Elder Law Attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to answer this question. They must be married; some states recognize common law marriage, others not. The income of the well spouse does not get to be used under Medicaid rules to pay the expenses of the ill spouse. That doesn’t mean that a nursing home might not try. If the ill spouse has more income than the well spouse, things get complicated — the ill spouse may have to share some of their income to the well spouse to use. If the well spouse’s housing costs are greater than “average,” they may get to have more of the ill spouse’s income. Learn more at http://www.protectingseniors.com or email Jim at jkoewler-afe@protectingseniors.com.

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