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Medicaid If You’re Single And Have Income

Medicaid If You're Single And Have Income

If you are a single Medicaid applicant, what happens to your income? Almost every dollar is accounted for in the Medicaid rules. Elder Law Attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to talk about where can you expect that money to go. Talking in generalities, regarding income for a single person, a person’s income is used first, before Medicaid dollars. There are three places where money is usually going to go: 1) your personal needs allowance (spending money); 2) rent if you’re in an assisted living community; and 3) health insurance premiums. Whatever’s left goes to pay the costs of care so Medicaid doesn’t have to. Learn more at http://www.protectingseniors.com or email Jim at jkoewler-afe@protectingseniors.com.


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