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How to Prepare Financially for the Unknown

David T. Phillips

Finance expert David Phillips joins Suzanne to talk about how to anticipate the future by putting a finance plan in place to take advantage of factors that we can control, and account for risks such as longevity, running out of money, potential inflation, taxes, and the needs of long-term care.

David says, “Preparing for the unknown is probably the most delicate thing that we can do. There are some factors that we can actually control, we can actually prepare for it. For example, we know that the longer we live there’s gonna be a market correction. The longer we live, things are going to change, and it’s called the longevity risk. So the market will change somewhere along the line. So we have to prepare for that. So how do we do that? We pull some of our money off of the risks table and we put it into guaranteed sources of income or guaranteed investments. Another longevity risk is we live too long, we run out of money. So we want to set up plans where we can have guaranteed income.

“Our Social Security is getting taxed. I think everybody knows that they’re surprised when it’s taxed, because we pay taxes all along the way to get the Social Security, but it gets taxed as well. And then the more money we make, we have to pay Medicare, and the Medicare cost increases the more we make. And health care costs are going through the roof, and healthcare supplemental policies, and all kinds of things like that.

“We have no idea what long-term care is going to do to us. Is it going to be a little thing? Is it going to be a big thing? Is it going to be dementia? Is it going to be Alzheimer’s? The longer we live, the risk increases that this is going to happen to us. Probably the number one thing that we get when people call us is,’ oh my God, my spouse has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How am I going to pay for my husband’s care, and I’m gonna lose my house, I’m gonna lose everything.” And there are ways in which you can plan now. You can’t do the planning while you’re in a nursing home, so we have to do the prior planning now. Prior planning prevents poor performance. And so let’s plan now.”

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