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Mobility Challenges and Decluttering

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Suzanne Allbee, CEO of Bee Organized Seattle, joins Suzanne Newman to talk about decluttering, particularly for those with challenges such as ADHD or mobility limitations.

Suzanne Allbee says, “Someone may have a mobility challenge. Maybe they are now not able to walk up and down stairs as well as they used to. So that can dictate a change in their kitchen environment. Maybe things need to come down a level. Maybe we need to think about moving their primary bedroom from upstairs to the main floor. Maybe it’s the floor plan of where the furniture is arranged, to create space for a wheelchair. Sometimes clutter can take over, and it affects us mentally, for sure. We’re here to offer, not only education and knowledge about that, but also some tough love at times and a little bit of humor along the way doesn’t hurt.”

Suzanne Newman says, “They helped me with the process of [realizing] I don’t need 20 pairs of jeans. I don’t need 50 tops. We got rid of so much stuff and it felt good. And I don’t miss it. There are people out there that can use these.” She adds, “Now everything is neatly in its own little cubby. I can see these things. Look at that, all of my clothes are organized. It’s like every single thing is perfect in a drawer. Because everything’s in its place, and I know where it is, I have this sense of pride over my environment, and it helps me maintain it. They’ve given me an ability to do that.

“We do have seniors do have mobility challenges. They can’t do what they need to do. If you have a family member, and it’s something that you want to do special for your loved one, here’s a wonderful gift for them. It’s a wonderful way for you to step up and help a loved one, to say we’re gonna hire Bee Organized and we’re gonna help you. There’s a way that you can live freer. That has helped me.”

Suzanne Allbee adds, “I think that a lot of people are hesitant to start the process because they think that an organizer is going to come in – or a downsizer, whatever you wanna call it – and just make them get rid of everything. That’s not what we’re there to do. We’re not there to say you need to get rid of everything. We are there to help you identify what is the most special. How do we celebrate? What is the most special, and how do we get rid of the things that aren’t useful?”

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