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All About Aging With Choice Workshops

Real Estate 55 Plus

If you’re thinking about moving, Real Estate 55 Plus conducts valuable Aging With Choice workshops. Founder and CEO Juli Anne Gibson joins Suzanne to talk about working with families, real estate agents, executors, and estate planners. She talks about how the workshops work, then provides a great example of a senior who took the workshop and how it led to her moving choices.

Juli Anne says, “We really are passionate about seniors and we would love for everybody to have a plan about housing and aging. That’s really what we would love. And we understand that everybody is in a different stage in their lives when they come to us. So Aging With Choice workshops, we offer free, and we host them at retirement communities at fire stations, llibraries, anywhere that we can gather. It is a workshop in the sense that you’re gonna leave with something that you’re gonna be working on. But we’re gonna give you the steps of what you’re gonna be working on to make good decisions about housing and aging.”

“The first 30 years of your life, you’re deciding what you want, what you like, and then you spend the next 30 years accumulating it. Then the last part of your life, you’re getting rid of it. And for so many people, that process is what stops them from moving forward. We talk about how you can do that successfully, and we even have tools that you can use. And people can actually access that information on our website. They can download a request form and we’ll mail out that packet to them.”

“We partner with senior housing advisors who really understand the different options that are available, how much they’re gonna cost, what level of service they’re gonna provide. And in 95% of the cases, those services are free to seniors. We’re referring all the time to our senior housing advisors, because they do the leg work for our senior clients and their families. So once we meet with the family, and we have a really clear understanding of their finances, what types of services they’re going to need for both physical or possibly mental, what they love doing, and what are their passions and desires, and then that senior housing advisor will say, based on that criteria, these are the communities or the options that are available to you.”

You can reach Juli Anne Gibson at (800) 964-1553 or https://realestate55plus.com/.

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* Real Estate 55 Plus: https://realestate55plus.com/
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