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Rates for VA Compensation, a.k.a. Disability

Veterans benefits 2022
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When qualifications are met, the Department of Veterans Affairs rates the level of disability, from 0 to 100 in increments of 10. The money received is based on that level. Elder law attorney Jim Koewler joins Suzanne to talk about the money paid out for VA Compensation. A single, 100% disabled veteran would qualify for $3,332.06/month in 2022, whereas for a married veteran the level is $3,517.84/month. A person’s rating level can be appealed, and the money is adjusted for cost of living each December. On top of Compensation, a special monthly compensation can also be paid, and the money varies.

As of 2022, based on the level of difficulty, Compensation rates for surviving spouses is a maximum of $1,437.66/month. An additional $305.28/month is available if the veteran was totally disabled due to a service-related ailment for eight years. They qualify for an additional $306/month for two years after the veteran’s death if they have minor children, plus $356.16/month additional per minor child. If the spouse qualifies for Aid & Attendance, they qualify for an additional $356.16/month or $166.85/month if the spouse is housebound.

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