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Senior Moving: How Do You Start?

Jordan River Moving & Storage

Moving can be a daunting chore at the best of times, but downsizing a senior whose been living in their house for 50 years can be overwhelming. Suzanne is joined by Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River International Moving & Storage, a nationwide firm that specializes in working with seniors.

Suzanne says, “When I look back in my years of taking care of my mom, probably the most difficult and overwhelming situation was when it came time to moving her. As she declined, we had to move her three times. And the hard part for families is, there’s all kinds of questions. Everything is overwhelming. This is someone that took care of me and my mom: Mr, Sean Joseph, the CEO of Jordan River Moving and Storage, specializes in working with seniors. You’ve been my dear friend for a very long time and I’m so grateful to have you part of the Answers for Elders team, because moving is daunting.”

How do you start? Sean says, “Like I always say, knowledge and preparation is priceless. It starts always with the in-home estimate. We would like visually to see what we’re dealing with. We don’t like the information over the phone. Please welcome us to the house so we can take a look… We ask, where are you moving to? If we find out you’re moving to a much smaller place, we know it’s not all going to fit, or we’re gonna build wall of boxes all around your walls around the house, you won’t be able to move, and you might fail and you get injured. So we talk about the steps of downsizing, and we are always willing to help them sort. But the planning is the most important, and we establish trust.

“A lot of seniors are moving to a very small place, and a lot of times you try to copy their home for them. If they have dementia, you try to make it as comfortable as possible, so they can move around. It’s hard for people, but I totally understand that people sometimes can’t let things go.”

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