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Senior Moving: Packing Options


Sean Joseph, CEO of Jordan River Moving & Storage, joins Suzanne to talk about the variety of options people have when packing for a move, as well as how to pack if you choose to do it yourself.

Sean says, “We have a variety of options. A of course is full packing: we come — with the truck, with the boxes, all the packing materials — to the house. You leave the house as is, you wake up in the morning, wash your face, have a coffee, sit on the couch, and everything around you will translate into boxes.

“Option B: You can tell us what to pack. You can say, ‘I will pack all my clothes, all the items that are not fragile that I can handle. You guys do the kitchen for me.’

“Option C: We can just supply you the boxes, we can show you how to pack items that you have concerns about, that you’re not sure how to pack, but we supply all the types of boxes that you need in order to complete your packing. Also, if you have extra fragile items and you’re really, really worried about it, we can crate it to make sure nothing will happen.

“Now, we need to discuss the process of some the packing. It’s crucial to understand the idea of a packing is very simple: Avoid movement inside the box. If you avoid movement, you avoid damages. That’s as simple as it is. That’s how we even stack the truck when we’re building the wall in the truck – avoid movement. You have a hole or something on a box, fill it up with a blanket or something, avoid movement.

“When we do the packing, we have smart tape. We color code every room. For an example, we’ll mark the boxes with the kitchen in yellow tape. Every bedroom will have its own color code. All that is much easier for us and for the customer to know where the box is going because we can put it in the right location. We also will mark on the boxes where they came from, and the contents. We write what inside the box and leave those boxes that they don’t really need [for downsizing] either in storage or in a garage. So then we can stack them nicely and just deliver to the room the boxes that they really need.”

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